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Savarkundla Satsang

Savarkundla 26/11/13
Q: I had great experience after Gnanvidhi. Pl explain to people how great this knowledge is? I have brought 100 people from my village for Gnanvidhi.
D: If each mhtm like you bring 100 new seeker then I don't need to explain much. People will have more trust on your experience.

Q: who has created this world?
D: Nobody. There r eternal elements and they are constantly moving and transforming. For example earth, sun, moon are moving so you see creation of 1st day, 2nd day of moon. In same way you see all creation.

3-4 very nice and practical experience of mhtm after Gnan. Lot of changes in prakruti. Before Gnan was believing that I am best and all others are garbage after Gnan now understand all others in world are best and I was the one who was garbage.

Q: dada says in book about whatever happiness you take you will have to make repayment, how it is?
D: when son says "pappa" for the first time how much happiness v get but when he becomes teenager and argue and alleges that you as father has not done anything for me that is repayment.
In ignorance one takes full happiness from tea then in repayment tooth may start paining and that too on Saturday so have to bear pain till Monday.😄



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