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Akram Train

Pshree went on Yatra to Vaisnaodevi, Haridwar and Manali in a special mahatma only Akram train with hundreds of mahatma (1200 mhtm). It was a unique experience for all mhtm (as most of them were doing first time jatra with pshree) to spend continuous 42 hours with pshree (jode n jodej) comprising of non stop Bhakti, garba, vidhi, darshan, satsang, & food😄.

Pshree compartment was made very comfortable with new curtains, flooring, seat covers and toilet. Additionally railway gave a brand new coach for Pshree.

Pshree went to each coach (21 coaches) to meet each mahatma and then each mahatma came to Pshree coach for darshan. Nice garba was done at Jodhpur and Ludhiana station.




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