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Chandigarh Gnanvidhi

360 people took Gnan in Chandigarh.  New seekers came from many surrounding cities. Yesterday many of them shared very beautiful experiences after watching tv satsang and old mhtm also shared great Gnan experiences. 


  1. આખા જગતનું કલ્યાણ થાવ, કલ્યાણ થાવ,કલ્યાણ થાવ. જય સચ્ચિદાનંદ

  2. Watching and recording the santsang for last ten year when I was of 13 but at chandigarh i realised that how much i was trapped in the intellect and ego. Thank pujya shree mata niruma. And dada ji shrimandar swami ji for showering ur kripa on himachalvasis. Before gyan I was intellectualy controlled. After gyan there is nothing about controlled everything happen controlled automaticaly y dada ji. Jai schidanand