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Madrid Gnanvidhi

290 people took Gnan In Madrid. 

40 people came all the way from Brazil (850 km. away) just to take Gnan. They were brought by a Brazilian mhtm who came last year to Simandhar city.  It's her strong desire to take Pshree and Akram Vignan to Brazil. 

Many people had great experiences even before Gnanvidhi.
One new person as he was tired filled up glass of beer and for the first time started reading book "who am I". He was so engrossed and felt so much happiness that he forgot drinking beer from the glass. He went to sleep whole reading book and got up at 4.30 am with same thought about book and who am I. 

One person who took Gnan in Tenerife last time was sharing that after Gnanvidhi nothing happened for a day and then gradually he started experiencing difference and felt very light and came this year to Madrid and said I am ecru happy bcos of Gnanvidhi my life changed completely. 

One new person who  wanted to come to satsang faced lot of obstacles but then to her surprise she experienced many miracles kind experience and in the end made to satsang and Gnanvidhi.