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Parayan in English

Parayan in English (first time ever) on book " Science  of  Karma" was done in willingen, Germany. A very engrossing satsang was done as for every answer German mhtm were asking if this then why that?, how that?, when that?, where that? Etc etc and Krupa can be seen in each answers with different examples. 

Some photos and video of parayan, Aarti, Sewarthi meeting and Bhakti (Pshree singing " Amne Moksh madto to......)

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  1. હે સીમંધર સ્વામી આખા જગતનું કલ્યાણ કરો, કલ્યાણ કરો, કલ્યાણ કરો . જય સચ્ચિદાનન્દ.