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Janmjayanti Sewarthi satsang

Janmjayanti Sewarthi Amazing Experiences: 

2800'Sewarthi comprising of young from age 5 to old age 75, parents wIth baby of 9 Month etc gave sincere sewa of 14-16 hours daily for 5 days. 

Average daily 50000 people were visiting Dada janmjayanti. Which was kind of record. The people of gandhidham and kutch embraced Dada janmjayanti very heartily  

WHenever any difficulties were coming rather than using any vikalp we as team used to do asim jay jay kar ho and we could see Difficulties vanIshed in thin air. 

The massive ground where we celebrated janmjayanti is owned by KPT  who have in their history never gave this ground to anybody for such uses. We Just prayed to Dada and went for application and to our amazement they put aside all their criteria and right away gave their approval. 

Every night because of my old age(60+ lady Mahatma) i used to think that today I was able to do sewa but tomorrow I will not be able to go to ground for sewa but to my surprise in the mOrning my body ache went Away and reached ground for sewa. The same thing happened everyday. 

Gandhidham civic authorities were saying that it will be better if Dada bhagwan parivaar adopt gandhidham then it will be as clean as you have created here. 

From my sewa experience here i would say that Dada bhagwan Sewarthi management is so great and so practical that I would like to say that nowhere in world such management lessons would be so easily imparted. 

Generally i don't cry but seeing dedication and energy of Sewarthi tears were rolling out of eyes many times. 

When ground was getting cleared i was feeling that there are still many thorns and they will hurt Mahatma but then i heard Mahatma saying that there are thorns but they have also become soft and not hurting anybody 

In sewa body used to ache at the same time could see it as seperate but internal bliss kept on rising. 

Newcomers were saying that in gandhidham every program had always been chargeable, even parKing was chargeable,but here in Dada bhagwan you are showing so many wonderful shows, excellent cheap food, superbly clean and everything is totally free which really is amazing. 

I had a very sticky file of sleeping but as Pujyashree you were saying in satsang that for whatever we have insistence we will get counter weight same happened to me, i got sewa of security which required late night duty and to my amazement i gave sewa for 28 hours non stop. 


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