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Some videos links and beautiful experiences

Dada Janmjayanti in Gandhidham : because of possible Cyclone attack entire preparation (almost 90% was complete) was brought to zero. Started again yesterday from scratch with unparalleled dedication of mahatma.

Time lapse video : Mahatma doing darshan of pshree who was going to Gandhidham for JJ from simandhar city. . It took approx 7 minutes to come out of city from vatsaliya.


Time lapse video : Sewarthi mahatma (with their utmost devotion completed mammoth work for JJ in record break time) doing darshan when pshree arrived at ground. It took 7 minutes to go around in car.

Gandhidham mahatma welcoming pshree on his arrival at home

Exclnt gnanvidhi exp  : 
in my 55 years only 2 days I didn't eat non-vegetarian-day my parents died. But now I hv decided I will never eat. I also learned to settle everything. 

I by accident saw your TV satsang & from that day never missed and from button of my lungs I felt my wandering of infinite lives will come to an end.

Experience of jain monks who have still not taken gnan: 
we have read many different scriptures about bhed gnan (knowledge of separation) and have all theoretical knowledge but Real experience is still missing. We have read dada books on AA, BB  and we felt that we can get Real Gnan from dada. Also when we saw photo of Pujyashree we could see lot of innocence and knowledge so now requesting Pujyashree to grace us with this awesome gnan. (on way to gandhidham for JJ)