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A letter from Niruma

An old letter handwritten by Niruma on her official letterhead. Gnani grace can be seen from each words Niruma has written to motivate, encourage Mahatma Parbatbhai to come for satsang and follow five aagna. 
Mahatma Parbatbhai story is unique. He was staying in village near porbander. Once when Niruma was travelling in that area for satsang, the car got lost and asked for direction from a man standing on road. That man happened to be Parbatbhai. Being a true saurashtrian, upon knowing who Niruma is, he immediatly invited Niruma to his house. On same evening Niruma gave gnanvidhi at his house. From then onwards he became strong in gnan and followed five aagna sincerely. He just left his body in samadhi at age of 75. 
Prayer to Dada Ma for his unobstructed journey to mahavideh.