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Awesome experience of Mexican Mahatma:

A Mexican Architect together with his partner and mother came specially for 5 days to India, Sim city to take the Gnan Vidhi during Hindi shibir. He was sharing that since his young age he was searching for truth. After trying for many years he didn't get what he wanted and was very much frustrated. Then 2-3 weeks before he googled "Instant self enlightenment" and he found about Dada Bhagwan website. He got instantly pulled towards Dada. He read all the books available spending 10-12 hours daily for reading. He got so much eager to take Gnan that instead of waiting for Pshree to come to Houston (2 hours flying time) in few days he planned to come to India (2 days traveling time) for Gnan Vidhi.
He could understand little bit of English but two ladies could only understand Spanish but still all three were very touched by experience of Gnan Vidhi, by atmosphere of Sim city and by Gnan and prem conduct of Mahatma. His mother commented that I couldn't see Ego in Mahatma here. All three were very happy and are now planning to come to Toronto GP and for sure to sim city next year.
"Apna Dada Mahan Che"


One more beyond intellectual experience of a Brazilian Mahatma (Mariea) shared by Shirishbhai.
In October 2015 Mariea had a dream.she was going to the court with lots of legal books in her hand and worried about the case.a little Indian boy about 10 came dancing and singing....Niruma...Niruma....
So she googled Niruma and Nirumas photo came.she contacted Eunice .this is unbelievable