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Fiji: Nice experiences,

Nice experiences,
A CEO of Indian bank got to know about Dada thru his friend. He then downloaded Dada app and started doing Vidhi etc and listening to satsang. He once heard Pshree explaining importance of positive bhav. Being a bank CEO he regularly had to meet bank defaulters and try to convince them to return back bank money. He started practising bhav science and before the meeting used to do positive bhav and not using intellect that these people is not going to return money. To everybody surprise he could recover 10-12 crores of bank money which has remained bad debt for 40 years. He took Gnan yesterday.
One lady Mahatma's old mother was diagnosed advanced stage cancer and was given only few months. Her mother stayed very strong in Gnan, very positive and always trying to keep separation is still living after 10-12 years and still bvery strong in Gnan and positivity. Mother always used to tell get daughter to watch TV satsang and always talking about Gnan and daughter took Gnan yesterday.


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