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English Shibir

200 new participants (english speaking and youth) for 3 day Shibir.

Satsang Highlights:
Q: Why you are insisting on Temporary Happiness and Permanent Happiness. what is wrong with Temporary Happiness?
D: Compare the life of Multi Billionaire like Ford, Gates etc with Lord Mahavir, Lord Krishna. The one who goes after Temporary see lot of up n down in their life. Some time they will see UP but then in same person DOWN time also can be seen. Whereas in case of Lord you will see their happiness graph going UP and UP.

Q: What if we get involved in happiness and as a result when sadness comes we stay in Gnan.
D: Relative Happiness in on Loan. So you will have to make repay the line. It is like if you enjoy going to restaurant it is REST On Rent.


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