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Sharing a very beautiful experience which I recd thru email.

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I attended the Satsang and Ghan Vidhi at the Hindu Temple on Monday and Tuesday. It was spiritually uplifting for me and I met wonderful people at the events. I am writing to ask about next steps for me. I am Christian, but open to all beliefs and have great repsect for Hinduism. I have been on a spirit path for the last few years and have felt God working directly in my life. Have experienced several strong spirit dreams. I am very involved in my church (Fox River Congregational Church, which is located just around the corner from the Temple.

I had a dream about 3 years ago in which I was standing before a sumpteous buffet of perfectly prepared foods, however, they were spirit foods. A man dressed all in white was standing behind the table inviting me to partake. There was a white staircase behind him. The man stepped out from behind the table and approached me. He had his hand open and he was holding a perfect lotus blossom flower. He extended the flower to me and said "Here, eat." I accepted the lotus and ate it - it was spirit. The dream ended. I wondered about that dream ever since it occurred, but this week it all fell into place for me. I was reading Who Am I? by A.M. Patel, Dada Bhagwan and he stated how the old laws of karma have fallen away, that they are a staircase to be climbed; however, His path is the elevator to Pure Soul (page 34). In my dream the man stepped in front of the staircase and offered the lotus. Now I understand the meaning - it is of grace, love, forgiveness - that the staircase does not need to be climbed. But last night (Tuesday night) was even more significant for me. I was in the back of the room with the other English speaking participants when Pujya Deepakbhai Desai walked in. I was too far away to see his face; however, at the end of the evening, I approached him for a blessing and when I looked into his face, I realized he was the man in my dream - the man who gave me the lotus flower. I was overcome with emotion and told my teacher (the lady with the long white dress and short hair - Henna) She instructed me to tell Mr. Desai about my dream and so I again approached him with Henna next to me. I described my dream. He smiled at me and said "You have been annoited today." My question is: What do I do now?

Very Sincerely,

Kathleen King


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