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Media coverage

Everywhere Pujyashree went Local Newspapers and Cable TV gave extensive coverage of the satsang without any initiation from our part. Phulchab Rajkot took detailed interview and printed it as main article in their additional edition. In Jamnagar and Bhuj they gave coverage with photo about "Pujyashree taking morning walk with mahatma" and "Pujyashree arrival in the city".

Presently in Bhuj all newspapers are giving extensive coverage to Temple and Pratistha. They want to remain present and give coverage to all special events like Placing of Murti, installation of Kalash, Satsang and Gnanvidhi. Upon their insistence a press conference with Pujyashree was kept today.
Press Conference in Bhuj
Press Conf. Highlights:
Q : Your knowledge is so deep and advanced that common person will not be able to understand or follow.
D : No our knowledge is like Computer and Mobile Phone. The technology and science is very advanced but it has been made very practical to use by common person.


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