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Saurashtra-Kutch Satsang Yatra

Gnanvidhi Details:
Morbi : 1600
Gandhidham : 1100
Bhuj : 3600
So in total 15400 New Seekers added to the ever growing Mahatma Family during recent satsang trip of 1 month.
In almost all centres there were people who can be considered Key Men or Women and can influence a large group of people and were waiting and observing Pujyashree since last 3 years, got ready this time and participated in Gnanvidhi.

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  1. saurashtra still needs much doses of akram,
    dimplebhai,you put an idea of putting idol of swamiji on the terrace of a building where Akram satsang was being and bieng held,but comparing large population of city Ahmedabad few know about this Spiritual 11th wonder!