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Pujyashree at Narmada Dam

Narmada Dam is 3rd biggest Dam in the world with mind boggling figures of water catchement area, water quantity, canal network, benefits to agriculture and population, construction size, materials etc. Pujyashree was given special tour by Engineers (some of them are already mahatma and rest will become mahatma after meeting Pujyashree for 2 hours). Pujyashree being engineer was fascinated (relatively) by the minute details of how human mind has favorably  taped the natural resources by understanding its inherent nature.  They took us to the underground bottom many meters below water and showed how electricity is generated, how water is being sent to different corners like kutch, saurashtra etc through one of the largest networks of canals etc.

Previously Pujya Dada and Niruma also visited while it was under construction and did vidhi for timely completion of the project. Now we can see the fruits of such Vidhis by Dada and Niruma.


  1. Wonderful,Great!!!!

    JSCA to all....

  2. jsca,
    Pujya Deepakbhai is not only a very keen observer but also a very good, extremely good listener. the way he listens to everyone, it seems that he is just for us, samrpan bhav of Deepak bhai is really mind blowing, I always pray DADA to give me the shakti to be like Deepak bhai, like my Deepak bhai. He is my Deepak bhai. In all the relations the relation with him always comes first then any other.

    Thank u dada, amne niru ma and deepak bhai aapva mate. we are always thankful to u.