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Sewarthi Shibir

Sewarthi Shibir was organised for mahatma of Baroda, Anand, Godhra etc at Kevadia Colony near Narmada Dam. 300 Mahatma came and got a golden opportunity to stay near Gnani and listen to his satsang in a small and close group – like we used to have with Pujya Ma before 2000.


  1. EXCELLENT!!! Good/Best shibir for Sewarthi!!!

  2. Dimplebhai,
    I really liked the idea of having satsang groupwise with Pujyashree.
    First, at Parayan-Dec.2010, it was a nice experience of having direct access of Aptputras with Pujyashri; we had a deapthful & relevant satsang for that particular topic.
    Second, We saw Soneri satsang of 10,11,12,13,14, Feb. group wise conducted at Adalaj; indeed a nice therapy that helped in opening up in front of Pujyashri. We got to hear core satsang.
    Keep on planning such satsangs small groupwise; helps to get rid of prakruti force. We require such personal touch with Gnani. JSCA!!!