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Bhavnagar JanmJayanti Day 1 (Evening)

Topic : Wrong Understanding creates Unhappiness & Right Understanding, Happiness

Satsang Highlights:

Gnani view Unhappiness of life as Happiness of Real/Soul.

Vyavasthit is like Postman - it will deliver your mail not somebody's mail, same way vyavasthit will give effect of your karma only. When unhappiness/miseries comes understand whatever was sent before has come back.

Dada says that if there is no solution then only it is called difficulty, but for any difficulty if there is solution then it cannt be called difficulty. for example if finger is cut then it can be called difficulty as now there is no solution.

Q : I can accept everything but cannt accept and bear my file 2 insulting me.
D : All this will make your determination strong that now "i want to go to Moksh only"
Q : yes want to go to moksh only.
D : there is no place for weak people in moksh. Only strong people can go to moksh and such insult is making you strong.

Q : why it is such that family members has more sticky account ?
D : Aare, those with whom v have sticky account will come together as family members.

Q : if I dont hurt anybody but if somebody hurts me then?
D : v dont go to hurt snake but if snake comes to hurt us then ? take adjustment and make your way.

Q : i feel very jealousy if somebody has something and i dont have?
D : Buffalo has 12 kgs of horns on her head then do u feel jealousy about it that why she has and i dont have horns.

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  1. kharekhar pjyshri jode jeva joiye eva example madi avechhe.