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Bhavnagar JanmJayanti Day 2 (Morning)

Topic : Religion & Spirituality (Dharma and Adhyatma)

Satsang HIghlights:

Adharma : to give pain to others because of pride, lust, money etc. beastly properties
Dharma: Human properties, not giving pain to others, Have mercy, Raag toward Good and Dwesh toward Bad.
Adhyatma : to go toward Realization of 1 eternal element - Soul,
Science (Vignan) : After Realization of Soul to go toward realization of other eternal elements. Have compassion. Theory of Absolutism to Theorem of Absolutism.
Real : After Keval Gnan, Science ends at the time of keval gnan, then Real.

Q : Does Gnani Sleep?
D: No, gnani doesnt sleep, but to whom you know Gnani is ?, Body is not gnani so body of Dada sleeps ( few hours )and body of Deepak (more hours then Dada) also sleeps.

Q : Will we meet Gnani in next life?
D: yes, definately, Agna is such that you will meet Tirthankar, Dada, Gnani.
Q : Will you be there?
D : you are asking about "Deepak" or "Me (deepak ni vaat karo cho ke mari)"
Q : About your soul
D : yes you will get to meet all Realized souls.

Q : why so much unhappiness in India even though this is land of realized souls.
D : Will gold get pure in Fire or in Cold?

Q : Dada has said to get tricked by other intentionally.
D : Dont try to do what you read in Dada book, keep it in your knowledge and when naturally such incidents happends at that time stay in that understanding.

Q : Why childrens are going away from religion and nt visiting temples?
D : They are taking photos, videos of their parents. When they see parents are going to temple but then gets upset for smaller things (like my tea is not hot), they understand that even after going to temple parents have not improved what point in going to temple.

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  1. Another set of great examples by pjyshri