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Bhavnagar JanmJayanti Day 3 (Morning)

Topic: Importance of Aagna

Satsang HIghlights:

There is difference in what Gnani sees and what an ignorant (blind) sees.
for example if 5 blind person describes elephant how each one will describe. if the one has touched leg of elephant he will describe that elephant is like a Pole, if another one is has touched tail he will describe elephant is like a broom.
Whereas how gnani will describe he sees whole elephant as describe as it is.
So it is important to follow his Aagna.

Why 5 aagna? because it will lead to Gnata Drasta and Gnata Drasta is your Real nature, so aagna will take you to your Real nature.

What is most important key to stay in Aagna, By talking with File 1.

In words it is conveyed to Follow Aagna but that doesnt mean it is Doership in reality it is Bhav (intention).

Whatever happens in satsang dont ever leave this Train of Moksh. If v have to go to mumbai in emergency then v catch first train but as v r without reservation ticket collector may ask us to vacate the seat and get out of the coach, then what v do? V go out of that coach and go in to another coach but v dont leave the train as v want to reach mumbai. Same here v want to reach Moksh.

Dada doesnt need to stay in 5 Aagna it has become natural for him. For us at present v need to stay in Aagna the result of which will come that it will become natural for us.

Q: What is called wrong use of Aagna?
D : if we wrongly use knife then instead of tomato (vegetable), our finger will b cut, and we will feel pain so by suffering and pain v can understand that aagna is wrongly used.

Q : How v can certify that we have passed this exam of Akram Gnan.
D : if somebody blames or says anything to file 1 and if you are affected then you have failed exam and if you dont get affected you have passed. Additionally your near files constantly is giving certificate whether you are passing gnan or failing gnan.

To a question, Dada said that I dont have to credit anything in my Suddhatma book, My account was finished on the Day I experienced Gnan and got Spast Vedan (exact experience of Self). So for us when we got Gnan v experienced Aspast Vedan (partial experience), so v have to credit in Suddhatma account until v experience Spast Vedan.

One very moving experience by a lawyer Mahatma:
Before gnan because of profession and to earn money I have wrongly saved client who have actually done crimes of murder rape etc. Have asked wrong questions to the women who have gone through bad ordeal to confuse her and save my culprit client. Now i have stopped taking all such cases after gnan and doing lot of pratikraman for past.


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