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Bhavnagar JanmJayanti Day 3 (Evening)

Topic: Bhakti

Satsang HIghlights:

For Mahatma Pratyaksh (direct) bhakti is
* Following 5 Aagna (Gnan Bhakti)
* Simandhar Swami and Dada Aaradhna because they are present in Universe.
* Upyog purvak Sewa, singing Dada pad

For us topmost is Gnata-drasta, 5 aagna then what is next for us bhakti, asim jay jay kar, aarti, garba - these all will clean our Relative, make it Sahaj

Q : After Gnan v understand but sometimes Ego takes it over why so?
D : There is reason behind it. for example if iron ball is heated by fire then if v remove fire from it still that ball will discharge heat in same way charge ego has gone but discharge is giving effect.

Dada has said that Service to Mahatma is like service, bhakti towards Dada.


  1. Superb,


  2. jsca.apna dada mahan chhe.Aavi j rite Sewa karv no chance malya kare evi bhavna chhe dimplebhai.