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Bhavnagar JJ

In addition to Satsang, Gnanvidhi theme park and children park were also part of JJ celebrations which show record no. of visitors (10000 to 15000) every day.

Theme park consisted shows of Banyu te Nyay, Documentary of Dada and Niruma, & introduction to Gnanvidhi.

Children park consisted of shows of magic rubber, magic chasma (jadui chasma), puppet, hands on experiences on avoid clashes & evidences runs everywhere & live story telling. All of these shows were extremely popular and were bringing instant results in children's behavior and in a way were Talk of Town.

A small video of Puppet show, showing children participation, backstage sewa by ymht girl mhtm.

On the day of JJ, Pshree came at the night for Bhakti & sang 2 beautiful pads. A video of it

A special satsang was kept next day for Sewarthi. 2000 sewarthis worked tirelessly and without kashay to make entire event mega success. Many shared very moving experiences about sewa, Gnan application in sewa., dada protection whenever needed etc.

Pshree remarked that each Sewarthi are like a LED light and when 2-3000 LED light comes together it will illuminate everything.

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  1. It Was My First Janma Jayanti .Attended.A Huge OutSide Public Response there.They Liked the Clenliness and Gnan Shows -Jadui Rabbar and all.Even a for a Nano Second you "SEE" PUJYA DEEPAKBHAI your millions of life will be shed away.