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Bharuch JJ celebrations 13/11/13

Bharuch JJ celebrations 13/11/13

1st session : Few Highlights

When our degree will increase? as our intellect decrease ( less dakha) accordingly degree will increase.

Do you not get bored by Sansaar? No, you are not getting bored otherwise you will never find fault in others.

There are miracles in Dada but what people understand that kind of miracles doesn't happen, here different kind of miracles happen. Mhtm feels that by remembering Dada our problem has been solved very easily - there is science behind that. 1) Mhtm hv started following Agna, by following vyavasthit they hv become non-doer and sahaj and so work gets completed very easily & 2) mhtm remembers Dada but Dada by remainning vitrag and not becoming doer, Dada Yashnam karm gets thing done.

One doesn't like to come out of own mistake. We try to take them out of ocean of mistake but they behave like fish who has been taken out of water, wants to go back in water(mistake).



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