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An experience of Simandhar City

Jai Sachidanand 

When I landed in Ahmedabad I was'nt aware that I am going to see a Golden Bird. 
I visited Simandhar city 13 Oct13-17 Oct'13 with my husband on his official trip (thats what I was thinking until we reached there). 
At the entrance was the grand Tri-Mandir which by itself had a Grand Aura around and in it which immediately drew attention and mesmerised my senses. 
It is said about India that "Golden bird has flown away to be replaced by a rottening wooden bird" which we find so true in our routine city life.No one cares or has time for each other.People are just running throughout but without any actual Gain.I have travelled several places but after staying here with the overwhelming experience of love,care, positive thoughts,getting to know so much about Dada Bhagwan, Neeru Ma, Deepak bhai and other brothers and sisters who have dedicated their lives here and above all the superb hospitality, it is for sure that till date there is atleast one place in this country which has managed to retain that golden bird. 
The activities conducted here,the togetherness,the thought process of people here are worth an experience everyone should get atleast once in their lives. 
Not only self but anyone who visits here will surely agree with me that "Its a World within this World" and has Way to GO in coming years !!! 

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