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Surat Special GNC Session

250 + children took part and presented dances, skits, Bhakti etc. In the end asked many questions and had good satsang with Pshree. 

Grand Arrival 

Dances by B-Mht, L-Mht

Drama skit by Y-Mht boys and girls

Photo session of Mht (B, L & Y)



Satsang Higlights 

Baby Mht Q: my parents r not coming into Satsang. 
D: let us all call Dada Bhagwan, ok? So that your parents comes to Satsang. 

Q: I want to go and meet simandhar swami. 
D: Sit in Akram express. 

Q: Pshree what you pray to swami and dada. 
D: I pray to Swami and Dada that pl give lot of strength to our Niruma that Ma can do lot of jagatkalyan. 

Q: why do u like children more?
D: they do less Dakha of intellect, so. 

Q: my mom scolds me for my studies?
D: how much % u get?
Q: 45%
D: does mom gives you 45% food, cloths etc or you want 100%. So better to go for more %. Do regular asim jay kar, if you will do regularly 20% will increase. 


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