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English translation of pshree message to niruma (which was posted earlier in Gujarati) on Pujya Ma birthday

2.12.2015 Hyderabad
Today is our beloved Niruma’s birthday. 
Just as Dada Bhagwan comes to memory continuously, Niruma also comes to memory continuously. It seems as though the mother remembers the son much more than the son remembers the mother. Each and every one of Dadashri’s mahatmas are like Niruma’s children. If there is any problem, then Niruma is always present and she brings a solution; she warns against shortcomings; she brings us into awareness. If Dada’s work is done well, then she comes and gives blessings and if some pain arises, then Niruma is always standing by our side. There is just one prayer that goes out to Niruma, ‘Just as I have you as a mother, in the same way may everyone receive you, and may you lead everyone to salvation.’
Mother, your last message, ‘Live with love.’ For that, grant your blessings so that we all become prem swaroop (embodiment of pure love), and may we live lovingly with the world. May we live only for that goal. May we remain in the Gnan (Knowledge), in the Agnas and become prem swaroop. And may this mind-speech-body be sacrificed for the salvation of people. Your entire life, just as you spent your mind-speech-body not even to the slightest extent for yourself, but for Dada and for the ultimate salvation of the person before you; and even today, day and night that is all you are doing. We ask for shakti (energies), we ask for blessings so that we can do the same even to the slightest extent.
Deepak’s Jai Sat Chit Anand