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Leicester Gnan Vidhi

135 New Seekers took Gnan.

Some of the experience of New Mahatma.

One Indian Lady from Vienna, Austria was looking for Realization whole her life. 3 weeks before she searched “God Realization” on Web and She saw Pujya Deepakbhai for first time and listened to the satsang. From that day onwards she would go to dadabhagwan website quiet frequently. She then specially came to Leicester for Gnanvidhi and was overwhelmed by its effect. She is also multi-lingual (Gujarati, English, German) and has bhav to do translation work.

One Indian man from Delhi had allergies to all religious satsangs coming on TV. Once by accident he happened to see Pujya Deepakbhai on TV. From that day onwards he never missed watching Daily Satsang. He came for Gnan and promised to sincerely follow Agna and will never miss opportunity to hear Deepakbhai satsang.


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